Soccer Specific Training

Experience Soccer Specific Fitness Training under the guidance of a qualified, knowledgeable fitness coach.

Want to improve your speed, acceleration, power, agility, strength, flexibility and stamina?


PERFORMANCE NEW MEXICO is your sure-fire route to getting in shape for soccer. Whether you are a seasoned player, new to the game, returning from injury or preparing for the upcoming club, high-school or college season, working with PERFORMANCE NEW MEXICO guarantees you improvements. As an experienced and knowledgeable soccer fitness trainer, Michelle has worked with hundreds of recreational, competitive and semi-professional soccer players.

PERFORMANCE NEW MEXICO is the preferred provider for soccer specific fitness training for Sting and Titans New Mexico Soccer Club for all teams and individual players.

Michelle works with soccer players of all ages, positions and clubs. You do not need to be affiliated with a particular club or school to benefit from her expert training methods.

Training offered is based on the periodization method of training and includes:

Pre-season conditioning               In-season conditioning                                Post-season conditioning

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Position Specific Fitness Training(PSFT)            Fitness testing                          Collegiate Soccer Fitness Prep

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One-day trainings                       High School Soccer Conditioning Prep              Injury reduction & Soccer rehab

one-day trainings

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What’s different about PERFORMANCE NEW MEXICO?

Unlike many advertised fitness programs, PERFORMANCE NEW MEXICO offers a structured and progressive soccer specific training program that is evidence based and individualized for each athlete and/or team. Soccer specific fitness training cannot and should not be delivered in a “one size fits all” manner. It should be taught by a fitness professional with experience and knowledge of the game, anatomy and physiology, biomechanics and kinesiology, mechanisms of injury and injury reduction strategies.

Many commercial or gym based programs are conducted inside a facility where temperature, weather and ground surfaces are controlled and man-made. This is not conducive to training soccer players. Training in the normal soccer environment and on surfaces used throughout the season ensures that the body is prepared for the demands that will be placed on it (uneven, hard, soft, long or short grass, wind, rain, sunshine, snow, noise distractions etc.). This is where PERFORMANCE NEW MEXICO has the edge. Athletes train outside and are instructed by a fitness professional with 13 years experience training soccer players.

Whether you want to find out how you are performing through an evidence-based fitness testing battery, need to train your body for a specific position on-field, maintain fitness in-season or develop soccer specific fitness components off-season, PERFORMANCE NEW MEXICO can help.

If you want to be the best, train with the best! Contact Michelle today to get started.

You can email Michelle, call on (505) 301-2688(505) 301-2688 or use the “Contact” popup to the bottom right of the screen to schedule an appointment.

Adult and youth players welcome.

Select one of the links below for more specific training options.

What Training & When?


Off-season conditioning: Available January, June, November and December

Pre-season conditioning: Available February, July and August

In-Season conditioning: Available year-round

Group sessions and clinics: (individual player sign-up) are available, as are individual team sessions. For pricing and dates, please email for further details.



Position Specific Fitness Training


A one-size fits all approach isn’t beneficial for continuous fitness training during pre, post and in-season and as such, more tailored conditioning sessions will help fine-tune the specific physical requirements and patterns of movements demonstrated by different positions on the field. These functional fitness differences, when trained, can improve performance both on and off the ball.

Sessions will be separated into the following: Forwards, Midfielders, Defenders, Goalkeepers.  Players are permitted to cross-train but the recommendation is to attend the session relevant to the position played the majority of time.

Please fill in this form if you are interested in hearing about future PSFT dates.

Team Training


Individualized sessions are aimed specifically at gender, age, developmental and athletic stage and requirements of the team. Sessions will include position specific fitness training (PSFT) as well as generalized soccer specific fitness skills and components. Whilst some training will occur without the ball, the majority of the soccer specific fitness training will occur with the ball, a key competency for a soccer player.

You can email Michelle, call on (505) 301-2688 or use the “Contact” menu to schedule an appointment.



One-to-One Training



One-on-one fitness and conditioning sessions are available year-round. Initial session will include baseline assessments and a program will be developed to address functional and position specific strengths and weaknesses in conjunction with player and parent requests.

You can email Michelle, call on (505) 301-2688 or use the “Contact” menu to schedule an appointment.



What do you typically do when you drop your child off at practice? Do you sit in the car or in the park to watch? Do you pop down to the local store to pass the time? Are you a parent who takes advantage of an hour to do a little exercise and walks around the field? Players aren’t the only ones who can benefit from training. While your children are working hard on the soccer field, why not take the opportunity to do something a little different and give an extra boost to your fitness routine by joining a “Parents Only” fitness session? As well as setting a good example for your child, you will be improving your health and fitness. Show your children that health and fitness are a priority for you too and are an important part of wellness that extends into adulthood.

Beginners and experienced exercisers welcome! Please click on this link for the latest on Parent Only Training or you can email Michelle for more information about dates, times and locations. You can email Michelle, call on (505) 301-2688 or use the “Contact” menu to schedule an appointment.

Consultation & Guidance


Consultation and guidance is available to any soccer team in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho to assist with integrating conditioning into practices where appropriate. Advice and assistance will be provided to ensure that practice and game day warm-ups and cool-downs are conducted safely and an understanding of basic body mechanics is obtained to ensure the safety and athletic progression of players. Please be mindful that well-meaning adults who offer to “take the kids for a run” or “have them flip tires” may not have the knowledge and skills necessary to do so safely. Not all age groups can conduct the same exercises. Please consult a professional for training advice, even if it is for a one-off guidance session. Don’t start the season with overuse injuries!

Children are not small adults and fitness training needs and abilities vary with age.

You can email Michelle, call on (505) 301-2688 or use the “Contact” menu to schedule an appointment.

Fitness Testing


Fitness testing is an essential part of being able to develop soccer specific fitness skills. By testing players in key components of soccer related fitness such as Speed, Strength, Agility, Power, Endurance and Flexibility, it allows the coach & player to identify current ability levels (typically at the start and end of the season) in comparison to ‘Norms’ (average scores) thereby allowing for the design of a program to develop any areas where improvement is indicated. Finally, these baseline scores allow us to gauge improvement by conducting end of season testing and comparison.  Testing involves a comprehensive set of soccer specific fitness tests to evaluate core soccer skills: strength, endurance, speed, agility, balance, power and flexibility. Do you want to know how you compare to national standards?

The next Group Fitness Testing Session is TBC. Check back for details soon or contact Michelle to arrange a private testing session.

What’s Involved? A comprehensive set of soccer specific fitness tests to evaluate core physical components: strength, endurance, speed, agility, balance, power and flexibility. Read More…

Why? Compare yourself to national standards, Texas and New Mexico Sting/Titans players, and use it as a planning tool to develop your functional fitness abilities with pre-season and in-season fitness training. Use it as a planning tool to develop your functional fitness abilities with pre-season, in-season and off-season fitness training.

How will I know my results? Your coaches will be provided with your fitness results and each player will receive their own individualized report Each report will provide the rationale behind each test along with comparative results and a summary that highlights strengths & areas for improvements plus suggest training programs.

You can email Michelle, call on (505) 301-2688 or use the “Contact” menu to schedule an appointment.

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